Maine Coon opdræt - Maine Coon killinger - Maine Coon Cattery in Denmark - Maine Coon Zucht in Dänemark -

Maine Coon Cattery in South Denmark

... addicted to Maine Coons, we intend to breed healthy and well socialized Maine Coon kittens with love and care

For registered breeders: please join our Facebook site to view our present litter with harlequin girls

Transfer to Germany as long as I am aloud to cross the danish/german border:
Liebe europäische und deutsche Züchterkollegen, vielen Dank für euer Interesse.
Solange wir aus Dänemark nach Deutschland fahren dürfen, haben wir uns nun entschlossen unsere Zuchtkitten über die Grenze zu bringen und euch gegen entsprechendes Benzingeld bis 250 km entgegen zu fahren, soweit kein regionaler Lockdown die Anreise in ein Gebiet verhindert. Das gilt nur für unsere eigenen Zuchtkitten.

DK Gentle Cat Eyes is member of...

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we’ve achieved the Felis Danica diploma
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poten bringer dig til priser og information til vores kælekatkøbere
about us

we breed harlequin Coonies

Vi formerer ikke racen blot for at sælge flest mulige killinger. Vi opdrætter med dyb respekt for racen og avlsarbejdet udført af tidligere generationer af opdrættere.

Vi, som nuværende generation af opdrættere, er forpligtet til at videregive Maine Coon Racen mindst lige så sundt og racetypisk til næste generation, som vi overtog den. 

  • our Coonies are genetic swap tested by the Laboratory at Bristol University UK for HCM, PKD, PKdef, SMA and they are tested negative for Fiv and Felv
  • our kittens have Felis Danica/ Fife Pedigrees
  • we prefer to sell for pet, but small registred catteries under FIFe, TICA, WCF, CFA are welcome to ask for a kitten for serious breeding 
  • reservation for breed after receiving the reservation payment 
  • kittens can be transported to the german Airport of Hamburg for additional 100 Euros for gas and parking fee, to the danish Airport Billund or Middelfart Railwaystation for additional 50 Euros, they will not be shipped by cargo
  • pedigree and all documents will always follow with the kitten
  • kittens for pet will always be neutered before leaving
  • kittens will not leave cattery before the age of 16 weeks. 
  • don't hesitate to contact us for more information we speak english, german and danish

Please write us a message, skriv til os og husk jeres fulde navn
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Let me say a few words to you, yes to you, the person writing an email, just to ask for the price. The person who calls and after hearing a price surprisingly says: "I can buy a cheaper kitten elsewhere". I speak to you too; the person who doesn't care about papers because I want "just a pet".

No cat is “just a pet”.
Behind every purebred kitten there is a BREEDER. I use capital letters to differentiate a breeder from a pet factory or mill. A reputable breeder will not breed undocumented cats, which does not protect the integrity of the breed. Registration (papers) are lineage records that document the bloodline and enable one to investigate possible health problems in the lineage. When you tell a breeder that you don't care about papers, you are really telling them that you care no less about the kitten's health, just the cheapest thing you can find! 

When you buy a kitten from a reputable breeder, that breeder is responsible for the health of every kitten; this breeder is skipping the holidays, missing out on sleeping and most of his personal home space has been converted into space for his cats. This breeder carries out tests, x-rays, analyzes, emergency operations, vaccinations, litter, family trees, deworming and microchips for his kittens and has them assessed by specialists. The truly passionate breeder who loves what he breeds puts all of his heart and soul into it. 

Last but not least, a breeder chooses the family to have one of their kittens. A breeder chooses who to sell to because he doesn't make any money selling it. There is no compensation that can offset the investments made by a breeder. Hence, they need to be sure that they fit properly. Breeders worry about their babies after they leave and take them back without question. 

Since  breeding is not a responsibility to ever be taken lightly, it is a lifestyle choice reserved for the few who are willing to sacrifice.
Because a cat is never "just a pet" it is the breeder's legacy, a little boy's best friend, a protector for little girls, therapy for the elderly, a family member, someone's whole world.