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       ... we breed with love and care ...          

  • our Coonies are all to be found on Pawpeds
  • our Coonies (or both parents) are genetic swap tested negativ n/n (most often by the genetic Laboratory at Bristol University UK) for HCM, PKdef, SMA and they are tested negative for fiv and felv
  • our kittens have Felis Danica/ Fife Pedigrees
  • we prefer to sell for pet, but small catteries in the EU are welcome to ask for a kitten for serious breeding work.
  • sorry no kittens for breed from Ashabelle Fidel for Russia, Poland and Germany
  • kittens for breed can be genetic swap tested by the genetic Laboratory at Bristol University UK before leaving (HCM, PKdef, SMA) for a fee of 60 Euros, paid by byer
  • all other tests made by vet before leaving, are possible too and are to be paid by the byer in  advance - if positive sure on my cost if breeder does not want the kitten anymore
  • reservation for breed will be possible from the age of 12 weeks and option possible up to 12 weeks. That allows me and the other breeder to see how the kitten developes
  • pedigree and all documents will always follow with the kitten
  • kittens will not leave cattery before the age of 16 weeks to insure they are heahthy and socialized in the best way
  • kittens for breed can be transported to the german Airport of Hamburg for 60 Euros. They will not be shipped by cargo
  • kittens for pet will always be neutered before leaving.
  • don't hesitate to contact us for more information we speak english, german, danish