I was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Germany. Since the nienties my family and I live in Denmark, near the danish/ german border. About 40 minutes northwest from Flensburg and 1,30 hours from Hamburg in Germany. We speak danish, german and english. 
My daughter and I started our Cattery in 2014 after having had Maine Coons as pet for many years.
We are a very small familiar cattery. Health and socializing of the kittens are very important for us .
Our Coonies grow up in the house and are in our hands from the very beginning. They are playful and love being with us humans.
We look for Coonies for our serious breeding work in whole Europe. So today we have wonderful Coonies with our favourite breeding lines from Polen, Litunia, Germany, Netherlands and Hungary.
Please feel free to write for any questions, we appreciate your interest in our Cattery DK Gentle Cat Eyes.

Certified Breeder by felisdanica, member of Jyrak (FiFe) and the danish Maine Coon Club.